Officially changed

The Saint Louis All Dogs website has changed in appearance and function effective September 1st 2018. Attention Members. Club membership & event hosting is now taking place on* — Please JOIN us there. On Meetup’s main page, find us by… changing the number of miles to search within to “Any Distance”. Click the word “Groups” then… Read More »

Party games

Game ideas we’ve found, played, dreamed up. For dogs Peanut Butter Spoons – Run this game twice – first with small dogs, then with large dogs. Put a similar amount of peanut butter on plastic spoons and hand to the person. Wait for all dog teams to have a spoon. At the sound of GO, handlers… Read More »

Making changes 2018

We are transitioning websites (Sep 2018). Moving off Drupal. Moved onto Meetup and will use this WordPress site as our knowledge repository as a place to post information for the public to read. — Pardon our dust while we update pages and refine overall message.