Heat stroke: recognize symptoms

Heat stroke. recognize symptoms

(Jerren: june 23, 2010)
How to spot heat stroke in your dog. This is a video showing a seemingly healthy dog suffer heat stroke. The temperature there was much cooler than it is currently here. Please have a look at this as Ed Frawly describes what symptoms to look for and how to react if this happens to your dog. -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE1lLSTnE_c

we really all need to know what to do on this site since this is what we do regularly. I think I may start carrying alcohol. Sasha, just like the dog in the video always seems to be a trooper and rarely seems to show signs of being tired on the hikes. But this vid shows that this can even happen to a dog in tip top condition. And sometimes putting a water bowl down isn't enough to get the temps brought back down. And again, this was on a 80 degree day!

(Amy: june 27, 2010)
I think one of my dogs had heat stroke a few weeks ago. I took my dogs out at 7:30 a.m. (?low-mid 70s), short walk w/ a few short jogs, half-mostly shady and mostly flat. He was going ahead of me wanting to go faster the whole time, and I didn’t see it coming until we got to the car. I never seen his tongue hang out so far, wobbly standing while having to put him in the car, and he had glazed over eyes/stare (scared me!). He was in good shape. Now I check the heat index before I go out.

My vet said VeterinaryPartner.com is a good site, if I ever wanted to look something up, and it recommended against using ice. -- http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content.plx?P=A&S=0&C=0&A=366