Recipe: sweet potato treats

Dried slices, mashed, pureed then pressed into Kong and frozen. Most dogs like cooked sweet potato.

Nutritious, low calorie, good source of fiber.

Purchase: good quality sweet potatos. Firm, free from excessive holes and dark blemishes.
Prepare: wash potato, remove dirt, pat dry. Cut out dark spots or imperfections with small knife. Trim small ends that will over cook. Place yam on microwavable dish/plate.

Cook until: under cooked is preferred to over done). Potato will yield to fork with slight effort. You want the potato softened but NOT mushy because you will slice it after it cools. Mushy potatoes will fall apart. Note: the hot potato will continue to cook for a while. Another reason to under cook it.

Cook time: depends on the power of your microwave and size/shape of potato. Times (minutes, seconds) can range from 1m 30s up to 2m 30s. Check sweet potato every 15-30 seconds, press fork into side, if yields with slight effort. Stop cooking. Remove to drying rack and let cool. [Play around with the times and tempatures, since each oven is different].

Cut sweet potato into thin slices. Place and arrange slices (not touching) on oven tested drying rack. Set your oven to pre-heat to 350. Can place drying rack with slices into oven during pre-heat cycle. When oven comes up to heat, set timer for 5 minutes. When timer chimes, turn oven OFF. Leave drying racks in oven for several hours.

Remove slices from oven. Depending on thickness of slice, you may want to dry them more. In cool, dryer weather, simply leave the racks on a counter to air dry. Humid weather will cause the slices to get moister, absorbing moisture from the air.

Oven dry some more? Pre-heat oven to 185. Place drying racks in oven when it's up to heat. Turn oven OFF and leave slices for another 30-60 minutes. Play around with the times and tempatures, since each oven is different.

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Save your mushy potato mistake. Let it cool. Press the soft potato into a Kong or similar dog toy. Give immediately OR freeze and give later.