Recipe: dogsicles

Frozen treats can cool them down.

1 Tbs honey
2 cups water (hot)
1/2 tsp oatmeal
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 1/2 Tbs yogurt (plain)

Dissolve honey in hot water. Let cool a bit. Add yogurt if desired and stir until mixed well.
Pour liquid into ice cube tray.
Sprinkle a bit of oatmeal into each cube of the tray.
Freeze. Pop out and give to dog outside. Less mess

(Carol: december 8, 2009)
I've made homemade "frosty paws" in ice cube trays. The only problem I have is that my silly large dog swallows them WHOLE (yeowch!). Any ideas on how to get around/avoid that?

(Gina: december 8, 2009)
Try making them in larger flexible containers. Pour a half inch of liquid and let freeze. I'm thinking of the Glad or Ziploc ones that have blue'ish lids.