1843 Amandus & Francisca marry

Record of the marriage, of Aimé (Amandus) Studer to Françoise (Francisca) Bollinger in Oberbruck, France.

In 1843, 11 September, at 7 pm, in Oberbruck, in front of the mayor and justice of peace, Studer Aimé, shoemaker, 28 yrs old; son (a---? & legitimate) of the deceased Sebastien Studer, [who used to be shoemaker] got officially married to miss Françoise Bollinger, 22 yrs old, born in Soppe-Le-Haut, the 9th July 1821. Daughter of Georges Bollinger and Thérèse Dietrich [both deceased, used to live in Soppe-Le-Haut. This act was done in the presence of Xavier Druekert, 37 yrs old and of Augustin Druekert, tailor, 32 yrs old. Nicolas Studer, 39 yrs old and Augustin, 18 yrs old, both brothers. All of these signed the present act.

Nicolas Studer was Aimé’s half-brother from Sebastien’s first wife, Anne Marie Ringenbach.
Augustin Studer was Aimé’s youngest brother from Sebastien’s second wife, Anne Marie Fritz.

Note: The original source of the above information was not recorded. The text was transcribed from a hand written copy of what must have been the original document. The note was found in the collection of Richard E. Studer. (per, Gina Studer-Hunt).